Science Olympiad team places fourth in state Science Olympiad


Ellis Calleri

In a practice earlier this year, Science Olympiad member Aneesh Pushparaj works on a project.

David Santiago, Reporter

The Science Olympiad team placed fourth at the state Science Olympiad hosted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign May 22. 

The Science Team is made up of 21 U-High students from all grade levels. 

The Science Olympiad pits teams from different schools against each other in events spanning from chemistry tests to the creation of physics contraptions. The events are sorted into the categories build, study and hybrid. Competitors begin the year by studying for invitationals, which lead into the state competition if placed well in, and the top two teams from each state competition will go to nationals.

The Science Olympiad team is high-commitment, but “not only do you get to learn a bunch of new things but you also make lifelong friendships too,” Fermi said.