Faculty attend tap dancing lessons


Kathy Luan

Krishita Dutta, Reporter

Beginning tap dancing lessons for faculty were held in October in the dance studio in Lower Kovler. 

Diane Taylor, a physical education and wellness teacher, began the tap-dancing classes simply for enjoyment.

About 10 people attended the three classes held on October 8, 15, and 22.

“It’s kind of a fun, stress-reliever option for faculty and staff,” Ms. Taylor said.

Another reason Ms. Taylor created the class was to shine a light on the art. According to Ms. Taylor, people have to be exposed to tap dancing in order to realize that they can find a passion or even just a newfound appreciation for it.

“They can find out that they like it, and then pursue it more,” Ms. Taylor said. “So far, everybody has seemed to show interest and is having a lot of fun.” 

There is no plan as to when the sessions will occur again, but Ms. Taylor said she hopes that it should be soon — and that tap-dancing gets incorporated more into Lab Schools, even if through the just the dance unit requirements.