Bobo-Jones teaching courses collaboratively


Maria Shaughnessy

Nikhil Patel, Editor-in-Chief

Following the decision by an independent arbitrator on Dec. 20, Daniel Bobo-Jones returned to the teaching faculty at U-High Jan. 6.

For the remainder of this school year, Mr. Bobo-Jones will team-teach four classes across two courses: three sections of Biology alongside current teachers Daniel Calleri and Elizabeth Hubin, and a section of Research Methods with Zachary Hund, a chemistry elective in the second semester.

Collaborative teaching in science classes is familiar to U-High students.

“It really isn’t much different than what Calleri and I have always done, which is we were always in each others’ classrooms and you always knew both of us, even though you were assigned to one,” Mr. Bobo-Jones said. “This is just a more deliberate version of that.”

Community members have been supportive of Mr. Bobo-Jones returning to the classroom. He said he has had a lot of hugs this week.

“The last two days have been very good. I have been getting here early and avoiding passing period, although yesterday I was stuck in the sophomore hallway and had to endure a mosh-pit hug. Which was sweet,” Mr. Bobo-Jones said. “The reception by the Lab community has been fantastic. ”

Mr. Bobo-Jones praised efforts by new principal Paul Beekmeyer to ensure a smooth transition. 

Mr. Bobo-Jones said, “He’s been really very supportive, very concerned about making sure I feel 100% comfortable with any decisions and any communications that have gone out, which has been very warm and, you know, quite frankly, a very nice change of direction.”