Spectrum hosts bake sale to donate to LGBTQ+ organizations


Christian Gluth, Assistant Editor

Spectrum members are hosting a bake sale in Café Lab through Feb. 6 to raise funds for Howard Brown Health and The Center on Halsted.

The Howard Brown Health Center specializes in comprehensive sex education and resources, and will try to raise awareness for how LGBTQ+ sex education is taught. The Center on Halsted donates resources for LGBTQ+ that need them.

Spectrum co-president Nikita Sekhar mentioned how supporting these causes helps emphasize Spectrum’s goal of creating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community at Lab through education that is not curricularly implemented.

 “We are able to support initiatives that help us get educated by actual medical professionals who know what they’re talking about, rather than having to figure everything out through trial and error,” Nikita said.

Nikita also stated Spectrum might consider more fundraising in the future.

“We want to help non-profit organizations that support LGBTQ+ in whatever way we can,” Nikita said. “Right now, that happens to be in the form of a bake sale, but it could look much different in the future.”