Expo features presentations by Black business owners


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Representatives of businesses from Chicago and Maryland give a presentation and answer questions Feb. 24.

William Tan, Reporter

Local and nationally based Black business owners were featured in The Black Business Expo held online by the Black Students’ Association on Feb. 24.

The Expo included representatives from Chicago businesses The Silver Room in Hyde Park, SoundOff Clothing and Forty-Acres Fresh Market, and Furlough Cheesecake from Maryland. 

BSA Public Relations Officer Destiney Williamson said, “[BSA] decided that we wanted owners from a broad spectrum and for everyone to hear from different companies from different backgrounds.”

Each business was assigned a breakout room and gave a short presentation about their company and answered questions. Students and faculty chose two presentations to attend.

Destiney attended the presentation by SoundOff Clothing co-founder Daryl Sneed, who spoke about his inspiration for creating the SoundOff clothing line and how one can send a message through wearing streetwear.

She also attended the presentation by Forty-Acres Fresh Market’s owner Liz Abunaw, who spoke about how the business has adapted during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Destiney said that she received positive feedback on all four businesses’ presentations from others as well.

In the future, Destiney hopes BSA can continue to hold the expo every year.

She said, “I know we’ve talked about it, but we haven’t made any decisions for certain. I know it’s something we enjoy, but it does take a lot of planning.”