Model UN team closes season with strong finish


Saul Arnow

The Model United Nations team was named Best Large Delegation at two recent conferences.

Amy Ren, Reporter

The Model United Nations team was named Best Large Delegation at two recent conferences.

The most recent was at the Cornell Model United Nations Conference held virtually April 15-18. Out of the 15 delegates, five won best delegate, three won outstanding delegate and two won honorable mention.

For the 15th year in a row, the team won Best Large Delegation at the Northwestern University Model United Nations conference NUMUN and Northwestern Small UN Conference held virtually Feb. 19-21.

Of the 22 U-High students who attended the Northwestern conference, eight won best delegate, four were awarded outstanding delegates and two were honorable mentions.

Secretary general Cindy Wu, senior, said she was proud of how the Model UN team performed this season.

“I think what I’m most proud of is how everyone has adapted to the virtual environment. It’s very weird having 150 people on your committee over Zoom,” Cindy said. “It’s really great how well people adapted and especially to the freshmen for being so open minded. Like it’s very crazy, this season, right, so I think it’s really great that they still remain dedicated and kept an open mind throughout the whole season.”

The Northwestern conference was not only special because of the team’s outstanding record but also because the junior board members help delegates prepare.

“Normally the senior board members, like me, Sara and Omar, we lead prep, but this is really the first conference in the year that they lead,” Cindy said. “It’s really great, kind of having that transition of power and giving them that opportunity.”