New English sub mixes style and curriculum

Amanda Cassel, Assistant Editor

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Andrew Inchiosa has been teaching classes for English teacher Christine Himmelfarb since late October and will continue for the rest of the school year while she remains on maternity leave.

Andrew Inchiosa

Although he is new to Lab, Dr. Inchiosa is familiar with the University of Chicago community. He completed his doctorate at the University of Chicago’s Franke Institute for the Humanities. He also taught classes at U. of C. in American literature and culture, and reading in the 19th century United States.

When approaching taking over a class, Dr. Inchiosa said he wants to blend Ms. Himmelfarb’s plans with his own teaching style.

“I am definitely going to follow the general curriculum that the classes have set,” Dr. Inchiosa said, “but I hope I can see what the atmosphere of my classes are and adjust and add my own unique flair.”

Dr. Inchiosa said he is excited to see what happens in each English class he teaches.

“English is incredible in how it can be interpreted and be explored in so many different ways,” he said, “and I really am looking forward to see the dynamic of each different group of kids.”