New award to honor MLK’s values at Lab

Max Garfinkel, Business Manager

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The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly in January will revolve around the values and spirit of Dr. King and will use a new award to recognize two members of the U-High community who exhibit these values.

The Black Students’ Association will use the theme “Are we living the dream today?” and will bestow the Spirit of MLK Award to one teacher and one student. Submissions are due by Jan 7.

The criteria for the award are upholding the same values that Dr. King did and supporting those values in the U-High community.

BSA adviser Camille Baughn-Cunningham said BSA is incorporating the Spirit of MLK award to add new ideas to the assembly while keeping the old traditions in place.

She said people often think of Dr. King by his accomplishments rather than who he was as a person and how he worked with other people. Ms. Baughn-Cunningham said she hopes that with the award more people will consider the essence of Martin Luther King and try to embrace it in school and in their lives.