Math team ranks high in Illinois Math League

Christian Gluth, Midway Reporter

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The math team has been a team to watch in the Illinois math circuit, ranking high in both the Illinois Math League and North Suburban Math League.

The team sits in second place in the Illinois Math League out of 33 schools after four completed IML contests. The IML is a test taken by the math team on occasion during open time on Tuesdays.

U-High is seventh in the North Suburban Math League despite cancellation of a Jan. 30 meet due to extreme weather. Additionally, the math team’s sophomores are ranked first in the NSML.

Team captain Mili Shah said, “The teams ahead of us have five or six times the number of students than we have, making our ranking even more commendable.”

Three out of five competitions have already proceeded at Illinois high schools, including one hosted by at U-High in the fall. The team is currently preparing for the ICTM regional competition, which will be taken by groups Feb. 24.