Workshops help break cycle


Macy Beal

HELPING HANDS. Working side by side, juniors Annie Billings and Kathy Luan bag feminine hygiene products for homeless women. The workshop, “Break the Stigma,” taught participants about the importance of menstrual hygiene.

Peter Pu, Midway Reporter

“Break the cycle” was the theme presented throughout Social Justice Week April 15-19, where organizers said the total number of workshops and faculty involvement was a record high.

An extended assembly period was designated April 18 to accommodate two 50-minute workshops conducted by students, faculty and guest speakers. In addition, all of the cultural and affinity clubs conducted a workshop.

For some students, the workshops during extended assembly period were eye-opening. In “Chains of Privilege” conducted by Aly Latherow, Sophia Stamatakos and Kepler Boonstra, students were asked questions about life privileges and hindrances, and adjusted their chain of sticky note page markers depending on their response.

During a brief break, freshman Daniela Rolnik said, “When you’re conscious of how much privilege you have and you see how others don’t, it’s hard.”

Among others, sophomore Andrada Nicolae said she had done a similar activity before, but some of her answers had changed.

The week was organized by a committee of students including junior Franzi Wild and senior Stephanie Miller, who both handled the logistics.