Students appointed to Lab wellness councils


Clare O'Connor, Reporter

Two new councils, with Lab student representation, have been created with the intent to provide Lab students resources to improve emotional health.  

Téa Tamburo, Emily Zhang and An Ngo have been appointed to the All-School Wellness Council. Noa Appelbaum, Ishani Hariprasad, Todd Has and Eleanor Skish were appointed to the High School Wellness Council.

The anonymous health and wellness surveys from the last two years have shed light on the difficulties of many Lab students who struggle to find emotional support within the Lab community. These wellness councils are one of the ways the administration is trying to remedy that.

The councils will be primarily focused on improving the emotional health of students. 

“The two things that [the council] identified were the perception of self, self-esteem, and self-identity, and also isolation — people who feel like they don’t have a friend group or an adult in the community that they can trust,” Ana Campos, dean of students, said. 

The council intends to achieve these goals by educating teachers and other adults at Lab about how to identify students who might be struggling and then providing proper resources to improve their wellbeing.