Black Students Association hosts annual Blacksgiving event


Miriam Bloom

Students pile plates with food from the potluck-style Blacksgiving spread Nov. 21 in Judd C116. Many clubs had similar events planned for the spring, which now have to be reworked to take place remotely.

Ella Beiser, Sports Editor

The Blacks Student’s Association hosted the annual “Blacksgiving” event Nov. 21, in room C 116 during lunch. BSA encouraged all members of the Highschool community to attend the event regardless of their affiliation with BSA.

“We wanted to do a play on Friendsgiving, where we can hang out with all our friends and share food and have a good time. We really wanted it to be something that everyone could come to and have a great time, great conversation,” Lea Runesha, BSA president, said. “Just a time to reflect on what you are thankful for outside of all the seriousness.”

For the potluck-style event, BSA members asked participants to “bring food if they ate food” according to Destiny Williamson, BSA’s Public relations officer. Students, faculty and community members lined up to fill up plates at the buffet, sharing conversation and food. Some students sat at tables and some students stood in circles. 

“For me, this is really my Friendsgiving within my Lab friends. I am really able to connect with everyone,” Lea said. “I get to see all my friends and some people I am not as close with but it is really a great combination and something I look forward to.”