Women in STEM club struggles to adapt content to online meetings


Screengrab from website

Joaquin Figueroa, Reporter

Distance learning this year has forced members of the Women in STEM club to be more creative during their continued weekly meetings, and the club has also hosted one guest speaker with plans of hosting more.

Senior Naomi Corlette, president, said the club is still meeting every Thursday through Zoom, but she mentioned that there are some struggles with doing the meetings online.

It has made it a bit harder to connect with each other, especially the younger/newer club members,” Naomi said, “but it has pushed us to find more ways to interact and create more activities for us to do during meetings.”

The club has already had a guest speaker this year, Emily Marshall, who works at UChicago Medicine in radiology. The club hopes to get about six speakers every year, and the goal will be the same this year too, according to Naomi.

 Naomi mentioned that the club provided her with knowledge for career opportunities.

“Allowing people to see what their future could look like in a STEM career, and having role models allows people to be inspired to continue on with their interests,” Naomi said. 

At Lab, WiSTEM is a place where students can share their interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and can see how women are involved in the field while also building a community.