MUN students win individual awards; team misses placement


Kenneth Peters

Although the Model United Nations team did not place as a school, many individuals placed at the North American MUN conference.

Edward Park, Reporter

Several delegates from the Model United Nations team won individual speaker awards at the North American Invitational MUN conference held at Georgetown University Feb. 16-19.

While the team itself did not place due to the larger delegations other schools brought to the conference, U-High’s team leaders are proud of their participants.

“I think the team did very well. There were a lot of individual placements,” Lauren Tapper, a secretary-general, said.

Lauren also emphasized how the team has improved a lot compared to the last conference.

“I think there are a lot more placements than last time. What the secretary-generals were focusing on this year was rebuilding team morale, and getting our numbers back to where they were pre-COVID,” Lauren said. “We’ve definitely grown in skill a lot, and morale is definitely very high.”