Club takes teaching cooking into student hands


Maria Shaughnessy

A student slices portabella mushrooms for "polenta con i funghi" in the cooking seminar hosted by Food for Thought Dec. 13. Anna Stephanov designed the recipe and Anika Gupta organized the event.

Anathea Carrigan, Reporter

The Food for Thought Club held its second cooking seminar Dec. 13, teaching attendees how to make polenta, a traditional Italian dish. 

Club president Anika Gupta said, “My goal for the seminar was to give people an opportunity to learn about a new food while learning basic cooking skills.”

Decisions about what foods to cook at these seminars are made at the weekly club meetings, held on Tuesdays in Judd C305. 

  “As a club, we chose polenta, because at cooking seminars, we cook foods from all around the world, and polenta is a traditional Italian dish,” Anika said.

Club member Anna Stephanov provided the recipe and guided attendees through the recipe. 

Food for Thought lets students learn about cultures around the world through food. 

Anika said, “By learning about culture, we learn more about ourselves and each other. By learning about foods from different cultures, we can diversify our diets and be healthier people.”