Internship for Civic Engagement applications available


Carter Chang

Applications for the Internship for Civic Engagement are due Feb. 10.

Zara Siddique, Reporter

The Laboratory Schools and UChicago Charter School Woodlawn will provide opportunities for students to engage in leadership development during the Internship for Civic Engagement. Applications are due Feb. 10.

The five-week paid internships are offered through community and nonprofit organizations. Students will engage in up to 20 hours of service each week. 

“The application is pretty straight forward,” Katie Clendenning, service learning coordinator, said. 

Students can expect to find questions on their skills and interests surrounding the different sites in the application. 

Around 11 students from 9th-12th grade will be chosen. There will be a matching event following the selection of students, where the organizations and students come and speak to each other. Then, students will rank the sites they are most interested in, and the sites will rank students they are most interested in working with. 

The internship will conclude with a presentation on the student’s experience at their site.