Dining and handbook committee appointments arrive


Anathea Carrigan, Reporter

To provide student feedback on specific issues at Lab, students have been appointed to at-large positions on the handbook and dining committees. 

New dining committee members include Kendall Clark, Marcus Chang, Tina Martinez, Kevan Puri, Ben Sachs, Zach Sharp and Eva Platz Walker. Current Student Council members on the committee are Asha Bahroos, Constantin Carrigan, Zachary Gin and Omar Siddiqui.

For the handbook committee, new member Macy Beal joins Student Council members Ben Cifu, Jeremy Ng, Nikhil Patel, Joshua Ravichandran, Omar Siddiqui and Donna Tong. 

Tarini Mutreja and Sydney Tyler were appointed to the security committee.

The application to be considered as a member of these committees was accessible in the Student Bulletin through Oct. 7.

“The handbook committee meets about once every other week,” All-School President Ben Cifu said. The committee consists of appointed students, faculty and Dean of Students Ana Campos. The committee was created with the purpose of revising the handbook as needed to include different policies that best reflect Lab’s values.

Ben said the dining committee is made up only of students who meet with Quest, Lab’s food service provider, once every other month. These meetings help provide feedback to Quest, to make sure food in the cafeteria is what students want.