Quick Q: Voting

As a first time voter, what issues will be most important?

Katerina Lopez, Assistant Editor

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Naina Jolly: “I’m looking for a candidate who’s
open minded and greatly values diversity
and different opinions. Women’s rights
are very important to me, so
I want someone very positive
position on women’s rights.”

Noa Rebollo Baum: “I don’t
know a lot about the upcoming
elections and will definitely have to
educate myself. I will probably
be focused on education and civil rights.”


Campbell Phalen:
“Gun rights, climate change, net neutrality,
and immigration matter most to me.”



Elena Liao: “I’m really looking at how funding
will be used. I can’t support a superfluous use
of taxpayer money, but if it’s for something like
healthcare or education, I think
those are important social goods.”