Quick Q: Homework

What’s your philosophy for assigning homework to students?

Colin Rennert-May, English Teacher:

“There are some things that are useful for students to do at home. Any homework I assign should be a part of learning.There could be times where it’s useful for students to read in the classroom, but thats something that’s better accomplished by students on their own time.”

Rosa McCullagh, math teacher:

““We all just wanna do more. We have to ask ourselves are we preparing kids? Would it be fair to do less? What I have a hard time with is trying to get though and cover material, with giving students enough time to process and learn it.”

Daniel Ristin, Latin teacher:

“The purpose of homework in my class is to help the students start to move what they’ve learned in class from short term memory to long term memory. It’s just simply to practice what they’ve learned in class.”