Gmail will replace existing Webmail

Peter Pu, Midway Reporter

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Gmail will replace Webmail as the platform students and faculty use to send and receive emails starting the next school year if policy and technical issues with the University of Chicago can be resolved.

This change from the current platform aims to facilitate collaboration and communication using email, chat and video conference for all faculty and across all grade levels, according to Brian Hewlett, director of innovation and technology.

“So much of our work now is happening in groups and teams,” Mr. Hewlett said, “so we need to have a platform that supports that kind of collaborative work.”

Students are typically more familiar with Gmail and this change may make communication with faculty easier, according to Mr. Hewlett.

Anyone with another Gmail account will be able set up accounts in the same inbox and access them in the same place.

“It is one less password to remember,” Mr. Hewlett said.

Questions and input can be directed to the Information Systems department.