Newly formed clubs address health issues


Students Against Scoliosis and VaxE club will raise awareness about scoliosis and COVID-19 vaccines respectively.

Erich Raumann, Reporter

Students have recently formed clubs around educating on health issues. VaxE club, a vaccine education club, and Students Against Scoliosis club are working remotely to raise awareness for their respective health issues. 

The VaxE club, which meets Thursdays from 10:25-10:50 a.m., plans to focus on raising awareness about the safety and distribution of COVID-19 vaccine. Club leaders are  working with the University of Chicago to spread any news related to vaccines and inform students with verified information relating to their efficacy and safety. 

“The issue right now is not necessarily the quantity of vaccines,” junior Sophia Park, president of the club, said. “It’s the public willingness to take them, and so we saw an issue there and decided to approach it.”

The pandemic has also drawn greater attention to other unrelated health conditions. The Students Against Scoliosis club, which has not held its first meeting yet, will work to contribute toward helping the estimated 9 million Americans who, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, have scoliosis. 

“I hope that we can host some speakers and just participate with doctors and people who have experience within scoliosis research,” sophomore Ethan Kucera, president of the club, said. “And then, I hope that we can also participate in other events, whether it’s fundraisers or other larger scale events just to bring awareness to the condition.”