Rites of May to be celebrated virtually May 15


Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association website will hold links and resources pertaining to Rites of May.

Téa Tamburo, Deputy Managing Editor

To connect the Laboratory Schools community and conclude a year of distance and hybrid learning, Rites of May, an annual tradition, will take place virtually May 15 and feature interactive student-run booths and volunteer opportunities within the Hyde Park community. 

The Parents’ Association website will hold links and resources pertaining to Rites of May, and the event will be held on the Gathertown platform, according to Lena Jessen, PA co-president. 

On May 16, Rites of May will bring community service to the forefront by offering opportunities for students to volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Students will sort and pack food supplies for shelters in the Chicago area. 

Students could also sign up to host a booth with their club. The esports team is hosting “Among Us” rounds and teaching new players.

“Rites of May is one of the Lab traditions that brings the whole school together and we wanted to help continue that tradition,” ninth-grader Brandon Chang said. “We are also trying to build the esports team into a strong presence at Lab. Esports is a great way of connecting people especially during a pandemic.”

For PA member and U-High parent, Lynn Sasamoto, coming together for Rites of May, even though it’s virtual, is better than nothing.

“[We are] just trying to make it as community and student-focused as we can,” said Ms. Sasamoto, who also works in the Lab admissions office. “We needed to do something, because living in a year where we could not come together at all, I think, was challenging.”