Hewlett appointed to permanent role leading finance, operations


Malcolm Taylor

Brian Hewlett will become Lab’s executive director of finance and operations beginning July 1.

Christian Gluth, Reporter

Brian Hewlett will become Lab’s executive director of finance and operations beginning July 1, as announced in an email by Interim Director David Magill. 

Mr. Hewlett has served as the interim associate director since April 2020 under an administration in transition under Mr. Magill. Lab recently appointed Tori Jueds to become director, and the new role will be in an effort to streamline the titles of major departments.

Mr. Hewlett said he is excited for the future of his department and acknowledged that the title change will not seriously alter the work he is already doing for the administration.

“In terms of the day-to-day work it will still be functionally the same,” Mr. Hewlett said. “Still all the same teams report to me, all that work will remain as it is.” 

The school has had to adopt a new palette of resources in quick response to an atypical year full of virtual and hybrid learning. Mr. Hewlett said he hopes to continue to use these resources accordingly moving forward, while still transitioning back to more fundamental aspects of in-person education.

“Hopefully all of these things will just become another tool in the toolbox, and we won’t shove them aside completely and we’ll just use them in different ways,” he said.

Mr. Hewlett served as the director of innovation and technology beginning in 2018. The position will be advertised over the summer with hopes to fill the role. He believes the next person in the role will be equipped with assets to meet any challenge the job may offer.

“We’ll want somebody who has a balanced background,” Mr. Hewlett said, “somebody who understands education, somebody who understands technology, somebody who understands university technology, who can come in and assess our program, assess the year we’ve gone through and the skills that people have developed and what learning looks like and help us translate that into what comes next.”