Boys diving finds coach, participants

Emma Trone, Sports Editor

For the first time in more than 15 years, the boys swim team will compete in the diving segment of swim meets.

Diving practices began the week of Jan. 15. Coaching the divers will be Will Guedes, a 2015 Kalamazoo College graduate, NCAA championship diver and two-time Academic All-American.

David Ribbens

According to Athletics Director David Ribbens, within the last two years swimming coaches have pushed to train divers on both the boys and girls teams. A lack of divers has affected the team’s performance at meets.

“We go into a lot of the meets losing points to the diving competition because we didn’t have anyone entered,” Mr. Ribbens said. “So particularly for the Sectional competition, that will be helpful, so we can win more points and potentially place higher.”

Sonny Lee, a member of the swim team, approached Mr. Ribbens and Head Swim Coach Kate Chronic with two other students to express interest in diving.

“I wanted to try diving because I’d always been comfortable doing flips, and I love the water, so putting the two together just made sense. About two years ago, I found out I could do backflips on a mat, which was pretty insane because I just thought gymnasts were the only ones who could do it,” Sonny said. “I also love trying new things, and whether I flop a bunch of times or turn out to be decent at it, I think diving is going to be a really fun experience.”

Boys interested in diving can contact Kate Chronic or Sonny Lee for more information.