Goal for Connections gala is $1.5 million


Midway Staff

The 2022 Connections gala plans to celebrate Lab’s 125th anniversary and raise $1.5 million for financial aid.

Kiran Collins, Reporter

Parents plan to raise $1.5 million for financial aid and other school priorities at the biennial Connections Gala on Feb. 12, 2022, at the Museum of Science and Industry.

The celebration of the 125th anniversary of Lab will also feature heavily at the event, according to Heiji Black, a co-chair of the Connections committee.

“At the event itself, we’re going to have many moments where our guests can see our incredible history, starting from John Dewey and his founding of the school, and how Lab has evolved over these 125 years,” she said.

The committee also plans to highlight the achievements of current students and alumni at the gala.

“There will be videos and images highlighting some exceptional alums to come out of the school,” Ms. Black said. “We’ll also be celebrating the current brilliance of our students, highlighting exceptional work — whether it’s writing or art — which will be displayed in the cocktail area as well.”

The last Connections gala in February 2020 raised $1.6 million.