SET board seeks student submissions for next theater production


Patrice Graham

SET board’s submission box located in Sherry Lansing theater.

Krishita Dutta, Arts Co-Editor

The Student Experimental Theater board is seeking content submissions for the next production in the winter. Nov. 29 at noon is the set deadline for students to submit scripts for the board to review.

Students can either submit their scripts online or a physical copy to the boxes in the theater or high school offices. 

In addition to scripts, students can also submit set and costume designs, or simply use the form to indicate interest in directing without having to submit any content. Students can submit pieces early to receive feedback from the SET board before finalizing their submissions and re-submitting.

Senior Inga Domenick, head of the SET board and theater manager, said the board is open to a range of submissions.

“What we’re looking for in the scripts is really flexible,” Inga said. “While each board member might have personal preferences of what they like to do, we’re really open to a variety of different ideas.”

The board will review and pick among the pieces submitted between Thanksgiving and winter break, after which auditioning and rehearsals will begin.