‘8-Bit Christmas’ throws back to true meaning of holiday



Released on Nov. 24, “8-Bit Christmas” follows the story of a kid searching for his coveted Nintendo game system but finds trouble and the true meaning of Christmas.

Joaquin Figueroa, Reporter

In the new movie “8-Bit Christmas,” a boy takes a journey to get a coveted video game console in Chicago in the 1980s, and along the way he and his friends take on a bully, evade their parents and learn the true meaning of Christmas.

The movie incorporates an engaging plot, comedic dialogue and a nostalgic feel for many older viewers, and it fulfills its purpose to remind people the meaning of Christmas is about family and friends, rather than about gifts.

When the boy goes to the mall to get the video game he is forced to sneak past his friends’ parents, so they don’t stop him from getting the Nintendo he wants.

At the end of the movie the boy’s father builds him a tree house which he values much more than the Nintendo he wanted because he knows the great times he will have with his friends in it.

The film pays homage to Christmas movies of the past and is definitely entertaining to watch.  It’s particularly good for someone looking to find a new Christmas movie to watch this holiday season.