R&B album “Hues” exemplifies heartbreak


Bright Antenna Records

Fana Hues’s released her debut collection of songs in 2020 which explores heartbreak though emotive lyrics and soulful singing.

An Ngo, City Life Editor

In 2020, newcomer singer-songwriter Fana Hues released her debut collection of songs titled “Hues,” where she reflected on her past unsuccessful relationships and sang of the short but sweet highs and frustrating and painful lows.

While break-up albums have been plentiful the past year, the R&B album is not just an awe-inspiring introduction for Fana Hues, but it’s worthy of being on every heartbreak playlist.

The beat-heavy songs are soulful, honest and painful. In “Icarus,” she sings, “wild is the wind that carries me home, while I lick my wounds.” In only 24 minutes, “Hues” captures the way heartbreak leaves us swirling in confusion, memory and loss. She brings us along her retrospection, showing us the hurt, anger, and longing one feels during heartbreak.

Fana Hues’s singing, often strained for her last breath, is powerful and, coupled with her agonizing lyrics, creates the perfect music to cry, curse and post a mirror self to make your ex jealous too. Listen to “Hues” on Apple Music and Spotify.