The Lab administration should modify curriculum to encourage independent reading


Midway Staff

A semiweekly advisory period should be implemented into the curriculum for students to read independently during the school day, writes features editor Caroline Hohner.

Caroline Hohner, Features Editor

Textbook passages, articles from science journals, poetry for English class. With so much assigned reading throughout high school, students now read a lot every week — except books they pick up for pleasure. 

The Lab administration should incorporate a semiweekly advisory period into the curriculum for students to read independently during the school day. 

Independent reading time will allow students to take both a break from work and a social break to reset during the school day.

Given the opportunity to discover new books to read independently, students who had given up the habit of reading outside of schoolwork could pick it up again.

Mandatory independent reading could help rebuild reading habits in students. A 2012 report by the UK Department of Education found “a positive relationship between reading frequency, reading enjoyment and attainment.”

Time spent reading for pleasure wouldn’t have to disrupt students’ time to complete homework during school hours.

For all the high schoolers who had to put down their personal books in high school, independent reading should be incorporated into the Lab curriculum as a mandatory event.