Submissions open for ‘BELONG’ themed Social Justice Week

Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, Reporter

The form to submit a workshop proposal for Social Justice Week will be open until March 25. (Social Justice Week Committee)

The form to submit a workshop proposal for Social Justice Week is open and will accept submissions until March 25. 

Social Justice Week is dedicated to bringing the Lab community together by spreading awareness on various social justice issues through workshops. This year’s theme is BELONG (Begin, Equity, Learning, Ownership, Narrative, Gratitude).

Program leader Natalie Hultquist, senior, sees capacity to have meaningful discussion regarding current events.

“The political climates are always changing, and this year right now with the Ukraine war going on as well as other things, there is a lot of opportunity to engage in conversations that we might never have been able to have had in the past,” she said. 

When submitting a workshop, students will include a title, purpose of the workshop, an outline of the program and things that will be discussed. Submissions should emphasize what individuals will prepare with others and how speakers will engage with students.

After all the workshops are reviewed, faculty members will sign up for supervising workshops. 

“It’s nice to be able to have some discourse and reflective discussions,” Natalie said. “I’m always excited for having conversations and seeing what everyone submits.”