Audio: Designated room offers students break from school struggles while fasting for Ramadan


Patrice Graham

From left to right, juniors Sarah Abdelsalam, Noori Zaki, Samara Arain, Myra Malkić and Zaria Ahsan speak at a panel during the Muslim Students Association’s Ramadan Ramp Up event April 7.

Caroline Hohner, Features Editor

Throughout the month of Ramadan, U-High room C121 offers a quiet refuge from the sight, sounds and smells of lunch for Muslim students observing Ramadan.

Junior Samara Arain, who spends some of her lunch periods in C121, said, “It’s just a space for people who are fasting to come and just like hang out so that we don’t have to, like be around people who are eating food, if that like bothers some people.”