Students to lobby in Washington D.C. about supporting students with disabilities


Eye to Eye

Senior Chloe Ma and junior Ava Wilczack will lobby in Washington D.C. from June 14-15 on behalf of Eye to Eye for greater support for students with disabilities.

Zara Siddique, Reporter

Two U-High students will travel to Washington, D.C., in June to meet with legislators about adopting policies and funding that will support students with disabilities.
Senior Chloe Ma and junior Ava Wilczak attend meetings and events in Washington D.C., June 14-15 for the club Eye to Eye, a mentor-mentee club that is part of a national program for students with disabilities, where students primarily in lower school and middle school can seek support with their learning from high school and college-aged mentors.
Chloe said they hope this trip will push Congress to adopt policies and funding that will support students with disabilities, so students in the following generations will not have to experience the challenges of figuring out their learning disabilities on their own.
Chloe said, “I think that’s the goal of everyone going on this trip — wanting to, not fix, but make things more accessible to people with disabilities.”