35 new students join high school; 29 are freshmen

Grace Zhang, Arts Editor

The Class of 2022  began the school year by attending a modified freshman orientation and retreat Aug. 30-31 at Cedar Lake Ministries in Cedar Lake, Indiana. The freshman class of 161 students includes 29 students new to Lab. Other new students include three sophomores and three juniors,  according to the admissions office.

This year, freshman orientation was run a little differently, with the overnight trip starting later and the orientation on the school’s campus lasting longer than in previous years.

The freshmen toured the school, set up their lockers and split off into advisories to participate in a scavenger hunt, look at their schedules and plan their first day schedule. In past years, some of these activities were done at the retreat location. In addition, new students attended a technology session prior to orientation to set up their Lab accounts.

According to Dean of Students Ana Campos, some of the conversations that are more academic in nature occured on the Lab campus instead of the retreat site.

At Cedar Lake, the freshmen played ice-breaker games, wrote their letters to their senior selves and wrote short- and long-term goals — activities that typically occur during the overnight stay.

The orientation and retreat helped students, new students, peer leaders and teachers form connections. All freshman advisers, but one, went on the retreat, so advisers were able to spend time with their advisory groups at school before heading to the retreat site, according to Assistant Principal Asra Ahmed.

“I was able to meet my friends again,” freshman Kara Tao said with reference to her favorite part of retreat, “but more importantly I was able to build connections with the new people that will be coming to Lab, and I thought that was a fun experience.”