Two journalists selected for All-State Journalism Team


Photojournalist Patrice Graham and U-High Midway managing editor Audrey Park were selected to the 2023 All-State Journalism Team.  

Light Dohrn, Reporter

Senior Patrice Graham, a photojournalist, and junior Audrey Park, U-High Midway managing editor, have been selected to the All-State Journalism Team from the Illinois Journalism Education Association.

The IJEA is a nonprofit organization that works with Illinois scholastic journalism teachers and advisers to “promote high standards in student publications.” Just 12 Illinois student journalists were selected, and though U-High has had a student on this team almost every year, having two is an unusual occurrence. 

Patrice feels that getting this award is a gratifying sign that his hard work for the Midway pays off and is seen by people outside of Lab. 

“For me journalism is one of the things I take most joy in doing within the Lab community, so being able to do something I love and succeed while doing it is a dream come true for me,” Patrice said. “It’s nice to get a reminder that the work that you put in warrants a reward.” 

Audrey was surrounded by other members of U-High journalism when she learned about the award and said that was a memorable experience in itself. She feels connected to the Midway through both the academic side and her love for the work and the team. 

“Journalism is a class and hobby I am very passionate about and dedicated to,” Audrey said, “and being on the team is representative of that.”