Seeking improved job chances, students take CPR classes early

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Seeking improved job chances, students take CPR classes early

Amanda Cassel, Assistant Editor

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“We want U-High students to have as many opportunities as possible,” Deborah Ribbens, P.E. department chair, said, “and the opportunity to learn how to save a life is one of the best.”

Over the last year, there have been an increased number of freshman and sophomores fulfilling their junior year CPR requirement by taking CPR and Lifeguarding P.E. electives. 

The P.E. department remedied this issue by certifying more teachers to teach CPR. 

Students who opt to take CPR and lifeguarding before their junior year sacrifice 12 weeks worth of P.E. electives beyond their required health class for that year. 

A CPR certification is a requirement to be a fully certified, hireable lifeguard. 

Lea Rebollo-Baum, a sophomore and varsity swimmer, took CPR and lifeguarding at the end of her freshman year. 

“As much as I wanted the job, for me it was really about knowing how to save someone if I ever needed to,” Lea said, “and I think that was true for most of the class.”

She and a few friends from the swim team spent the summer lifeguarding. She lifeguarded at Sunny Pool, where she often practices for U-High swimming. She was helping teach campers at Adventure Kids learn how to and continue swimming.  

“Although I did fulfill my CPR requirement and got a summer job out of it,” Lea said, “that’s just an additional perk to knowing how to save a life if I am ever in that position.