U-High Orchestra plays holiday tunes in annual Lobby String


Elena Liao

SOUND OF STRINGS. U-High Orchestra plays Christmas and Hanukkah music for lower school students in Blaine Lobby. The Lobby String is a play on Lab’s traditional Lobby Sings, at which students gather in a lobby and sing together.

Priyanka Shrijay, Editor-in-Chief

The sound of strings resonating in harmonies filled Blaine Lobby on Dec. 14 at 8 a.m. at the annual Lobby String. The high school orchestra performed Christmas and Hanukkah tunes to celebrate the holiday season.

Orchestra teacher Rozalyn Torto said that the Lobby String emulates the sense of community that younger students are exposed to with lower school Lobby Sings.

“So we’ve been doing that for a few years, and it’s just kind of been keeping the Lobby Sing feeling and tradition alive,” she said. “Since the separation of both campuses, we feel like it’s even more important to just offer that community moment.”

Ms. Torto also noted that the Lobby String is more casual than the orchestra’s formal concerts.

“It’s not as staged as our normal performances. It’s like a gathering, you can walk through, but people usually stop and listen and sing,” she said. “What’s unique about this year is that we didn’t assign parts, so you’re free to just choose your part.”