Global Issues Club hosts blood drive

Christian Gluth, Midway Reporter

The Global Issues Club will sponsor a blood drive on April 30 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m in partnership with the University of Chicago Medicine Blood Donation Center. Hosted in Judd C116, the donation will take about 15 minutes, and donors can stay an additional 15 minutes to enjoy refreshments.

Members of the Lab community who are at least age 16 and weigh at least 110 pounds are eligible to donate. If space is available, interested and eligible donors can sign up via this link until the day of the drive.

Gershon Stein, Global Issues Club president and donor, will help coordinate the event. Despite common fears, Gershon encourages people to be brave and make an effort to donate blood.

He said, “Although a lot of people are afraid it will hurt, it’s not that bad, and you are helping out a lot of people.”