Model UN wins best large delegation at Northwestern


Photo provided by Ananya Asthana

Junior Franzi Wild speaks in front of her committee at the Northwestern Model UN conference.

Leland Culver, Midway Reporter

The Model United Nations team had an impressive showing at Northwestern University’s conference April 11-14, winning best large delegation.

Every delegate who attended won an individual award. Individuals Ananya Asthana, Omar Siddiqui, Constantin Carrigan, as well as the teams of Stanley Shapiro and Alma Moskowitz, and Sarah Thomas and Asha Bahroos all won best delegate awards in their committees. The team has won some form of best delegation at this conference every year for at least the last 12 years, according to Stanley, a junior.

NUMUN is the last conference of the season for the team, and a chance for the younger members to assume greater roles, as seniors do not attend.