Labstock to be hosted June 7

Julian Ingersoll, Midway Reporter

On Kenwood Mall, June 7 from 3:30-6 p.m., the new Student Council will host Labstock, a concert and barbecue event to close out the school year for the high school students.  

Outgoing Cultural Union President Aly Latherow explained Labstock gives students a last chance to get together with friends before the school year ends.

Labstock will consist of live performances and a barbecue cookout, where all high school students are allowed to come and perform.

The signup process will be posted later as a google doc or talking to a student council member and questions should be directed to incoming Cultural Union President Kepler Boonstra and Vice President Ava Kucera.  

“I think Labstock is one of the only times of the year where U-high is able to come together and share our talents in a way that doesn’t seem super academically focused.The free food and music, along with cheering on your friends, fosters a really chill vibe where people can wind down after the last Friday of the year,” Kepler said.