Unisex locker room installed to meet ADA standards


Amanda Cassel, Managing Editor

As of Sept. 3, the gym building locker room and fitness center renovations are incomplete. Athletics Director David Ribbens estimates the lockers will be completed by the end of September.

The lockers were originally scheduled to be completed by the start of the 2019-2020 school year, but due to the spacial needs of Adventure Kids and other Summer Lab programs, the project was not completed.

According to Mr. Ribbens, the overall goals were to “expand the lockers so kids would have space for their backpacks” and “raise the locker rooms to A.D.A. standards.”

We’re looking to update the locker rooms to the point where the kids take some pride in it. ”

— David Ribbens, Athletic Director

The A.D.A, Americans with Disabilities Act, dictates the need for male, female and unisex facilities. Lacking a gender-neutral changing space, the locker rooms were not up to standard prior to this renovation.

“Part of [the new unisex locker room] was the boys locker room, part of it was the ramp system,” Mr. Ribbens said, “and this renovation is a great step in the right direction.”

All of the locker rooms will have locks pre-attached to lockers. Students will be able to choose their lockers and will have combinations provided.

The locker rooms will also feature new paint, lighting and Lab logos.

“We’re looking to update the locker rooms to the point where the kids take some pride in it,” Mr. Ribbens said.

Additionally, Mr. Ribbens explained that the building has undergone several adjustments over the past few years to create a “central hub” towards the entrance of the gym building.

To do this, the P.E. administrative offices, security guard and fitness center will all be in the same location at the entrance.

New physical trainer Erin DeHeer will also be in the fitness center, rather than next to the P.E. classroom on the second floor.

The fitness center was previously on the third floor and the gymnastics room on the first, but these two will switch by the beginning of October, according to Mr. Ribbens.