Club changes name, expands horizons

Colin Leslie, Reporter

Intersectional Feminism club, previously called Feminist Club, experienced a name change this year in order to promote talking about feminist issues that affect women of color, not just white women. In its first few meetings this year, the club has served as a safe space where students can share their experiences with each other.

According to sophomore An Ngo, co-president, intersectional feminism, or intersectionality, is how issues such as racial oppression, among others, intersect with feminism.

“I think feminism has a long history of being very exclusive toward women of color,” An said. “These issues interlock and people experience various different types of bias, prejudice, oppression. People don’t just experience racism. People don’t just experience sexism.”

Intersectional Feminism Club meets on Fridays at lunch in room C-324 with co-presidents An and Will Trone, both sophomores.