Lab Civic Engagement Coalition expands local service work


An Ngo, Reporter

The Civic Engagement Coalition will partner with the Beethoven Elementary School to help provide support for their programs. 

The coalition is in its second year of operation and is led by co-chairs Anika Gupta and Suleyman Ahmed, who hope to continue their mission to raise awareness of local Chicago social injustices and aid local organizations. 

The leaders of the coalition want to be in dialogue with the students and staff of the Beethoven School to understand how U-High can be of help. 

“We want to show people that it’s our responsibility to be engaged, not because of the amount of privilege you have, but because you are a human being alongside other human beings,” Anika said. 

The issues the club focuses on vary greatly. While the causes remain centered in Chicago, the coalition gives attention to issues ranging from gun violence to educational inequality. 

Last year, the coalition held multiple speaker events and held a book drive that collected 600 books.