Quick Q: Students reflect on relationships, support during Thanksgiving season

Audrey Matzke and Gretchen Matzke

With the allure of good grades and athletic victories, it can seem as if U-High students are always reaching for the next best thing. However, our extra-long Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to reflect on what we already have. We asked students to reflect on the role others have played in their success.

Serena Thomas, Freshman

“I’m grateful for my sister because we fight at times but she’s still always there for me and helps me study for bio tests.”






Jake Landry, Junior

“I’m thankful for my mom as she has always been open and accepting and always ready to help me with anything I need.” 





Michelle Tkachenko Weaver, Junior

“I’m so thankful for my parents, and my cat, because they’re always there for me when life is tough and help me work hard to be happy and become a better person. I’m also thankful for all my friends for always making me laugh and liking my TikToks — especially Saul [Arnow], for being my idol and the best dancer I know.”




Ariel Montague, Senior

“I’m thankful for my grandmother. She’s helped take care of me and my brother ever since we were born, and takes us to school every morning. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her help.”