Novice debate teams find early success

Peter Pu, Assistant Editor

With no four-year debaters and a large novice roster, the debate team has developed a more structured system of organization that has lead to positive tournament outcomes in the first nine tournaments.

With input from the varsity and junior varsity teams, members created a more standardized curriculum to streamline the learning process.

Annette Kim

According to captain Annette Kim, the new system complements debate coach Sonny Patel’s teaching and has proved beneficial for novices.

“He doesn’t have the student perspective, so we’ve been helping him simplify things and make it more digestible for freshmen,” Annette said.

Partly as a result of the new debate curriculum, the novices performed especially well throughout the season, according to Annette.

“It’s really nice to see that that’s paying off, and the foundation that we’ve built is something that’s helping other students achieve success,” Annette said.

Debate Results:

Addison, Texas: Annette Kim, Alexis Chia earned 2-4 record

Niles Township Invitational: All teams earned 3-3 record

Niles Novice-JV Opener: Brandon Bousquette, Berk Oto, Aaron Kim, Jada Nix earned 3-1 records; Aaron Kim, William Tan, Serena Thomas, Sara Kumar placed for best speaker

Northside College Prep: Sara Kumar, Jeffrey Chen, Serena Thomas, Jeffrey Huang placed for best speaker

New Trier High School: Riya Chadha, Andrada Nicolae,
Annette Kim, Alexis Chia earned 3-3 records

University of Michigan: Sara Kumar, Serena Thomas earned 5-2 record and advanced to octofinals; Aaron Kim, Jada Nix, Annette Kim, Alexis Chia earned 1-6 records

Lane Tech College Prep: Aaron Kim, Adrianna Nehme earned 4-1 record; Alexandra Nehme, Penelope Huang earned 1-4 record; Brandon Bousquette, Berk Oto earned 3-2 record; William Tan, Jeffrey Chen earned 4-1 record. Aaron Kim, William Tan and Jeffrey Chen placed for best speaker.