New student member appointed to All-Schools Council


Amon Gray, Reporter

The new student member has been selected for the All-Schools Council. Sarah Abdelsalam was appointed Jan 22.

The All-Schools Council allows faculty, administrators and staff to voice concerns and collaborate on school issues. Students were appointed to the council in 2018 to get a new perspective on the school. 

Sarah Abdelsalam

Sarah, a ninth grader, will join Anika Gupta and Zach Sharp to discuss classroom issues and make a meaningful impact by coordinating with the other council members. They give the perspective of the student by bringing up issues they have noticed or heard talked about among their peers.

The council is planning to follow the recently adopted strategic plan. Members will focus their attention to promote health and wellness issues and encourage connections with the university.

“When we talk about what classroom changes might be done, I gave the perspective of the students,” Zach said.