“Harriet” chronicles story, humanity of American hero


“Harriet” tells the story of Harriet Tubman as she escapes slavery in the American South and leads over 300 others to freedom over her life. Cynthia Evrio, who plays the lead, was nominated for the academy award for Best Actress. The movie was also nominated for Best Original Song for “Stand Up.”

Tired and breathless, a runaway slave woman runs out on a bridge. As she runs, she sees white plantation owners mounting their horses in front of her; she looks backwards and sees the same thing. Gazing over the rail of the bridge, she sees the rushing waters calling her to jump in. As she stands by the edge of the bridge, one of the plantation owners coaxes her to stay on the bridge and return with them.

“You know suicide is a sin of God, Minty,” her owner says in a calm voice. The more he speaks the further she climbs off the fence towards the rushing water. 

“It’s freedom or death,” she says calmly, and plunges into the roaring river.

Making the trek between the slave states of Maryland and Pennsylvania, famous abolitionist Harriet Tubman, a name she gave herself after being called “Minty,” will ultimately save more than 300 slaves from bondage. 

After escaping slavery herself and leaving her family, she travels north to Philidelphia, making friends on the way but even more enemies. She becomes the most wanted slave liberator with a bounty above $300 to the name “Moses,” by which she becomes commonly known.

Ms. Erivo’s performance encompasses the passion of liberating those who have faced similiar challanges and making sure that slavery ends, even if it means violence. ”

Inspired by the true story of Harriet Tubman and her liberation of slaves in the south, “Harriet” is an intense and captivating film that depicts her journey to freedom and brings light to all of the bravery and sacrifice that was required of slaves in the beginning of America’s history.

“Harriet” has also been nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Actress after Cynthia Erivo’s performance and Best Original Song for “Stand Up.” 

Ms. Erivo’s performance encompasses the passion of liberating those who have faced similiar challanges and making sure that slavery ends, even if it means violence. 

Christianity’s influence on Harriet is very strong throughout the film, although the messages conveyed aren’t always aligned. Christian figures in her hometown initially act as a prohibitor, shunning slaves from running, but Harriet’s faith is also what allows her to run away. Her faith also physically allows her to be successful since she uses Christian slave songs to call slaves from their plantations and set them free.

The motion picture also delves into the effect that Harriet had on her previous owners and the owners of the slaves she had freed. The antagonist, Gideon Brodess (Joe Alwyn), is represented as a person of pure evil that will stop at nothing to bring Harriet down. The character is perfectly developed so that Gideon, in the eyes of the viewer, represents all slave owners.

“Harriet” doesn’t just teach you history, but it shows that passion and sacrifice can stand the test of time when set on the right path. Don’t just read it, see it, and enjoy the show.