Illegal drugs, alcohol not allowed on campus, reminds Ms. Campos


Julian Ingersoll, Reporter

Use of alcohol or illegal drugs at school or during any school events is prohibited, a stated a reminder message from Dean of Students Ana Campos posted on Schoology Feb. 20. 

The message was published following incidents of substance use at school recently. The goal was for students to realize the administration is aware students participate in these illegal activities in and outside of school.

“I don’t think surprised is the right word,” Ms. Campos said. “I think that I’m very concerned. I think that it is deeply troubling that we have students that are risking their health and their good standing at school.” 

When asked about what would happen in the short term, Ms. Campos said it is up to the students to make a change in how they act and ask themselves who they are and what they value.  

The full text of the message is below:
Students, we have recently received two separate reports about a small number of high school students who are drinking alcohol, while at school/on campus. We take these reports seriously. We want to take this opportunity to remind you that alcohol, in addition to vaping, marijuana and illegal drugs are not permitted on campus. Nor are students permitted to be under the influence of these substances while at school or when attending school events. Please review the Student and Family Handbook for more information about our major policies around substance use and abuse, as well as the serious school consequences for violation of these policies. If you are worried about yourself or a friend, please talk with your school counselor who can provide you with a private space for you to share any concerns you have. Please let me know if you have any questions.”