Team Bravo 1 Strikeforce wins The Hunt


Kathy Luan

“Bravo 1 Strikeforce,” made up of seniors Zach Leslie, Ben Richardson, Asher Liu, Jonny Lyndon and Mickey Claffey, give a speech upon winning the annual Artsfest challenge “The Hunt.” Teams compete for points by completing a series of tasks, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric.

Noa Appelbaum, Reporter

A team of seniors is taking home tickets to the Pitchfork music festival after winning U-High’s annual “The Hunt,” which was announced at the Artsfest closing ceremony Feb. 27. Bravo 1 Strikeforce included Mickey Claffey, Zach Leslie, Asher Liu, Jonny Lyndon and Ben Richardson. The group defeated a runner-up team of sophomores, “Jalapeño Poppers,” and third-place team “MIA,” whose members were all seniors.

“The Hunt,” as its name implies, is a scavenger “hunt,” where teams of five students earn points by completing as many of the listed activities as they can. Activities, which range from creating an Instagram page to advertising “The Hunt” on television at a protest, are intended to bring together kids in an enjoyable way and to get people excited for Artsfest, according to Adria Wilson, the Artsfest committee member who coordinated the activity. 

According to Adria, participation has grown significantly in recent years. 

“It’s really exciting to see people really go hard for it,” she said. “I think it definitely adds a good energy to the community, especially in a time right now that’s really stressful for most people, because it’s midyear.”