Applications open for the summer Internship for Civic Engagement


Krishita Dutta, Reporter

Enhancing leadership skills and providing hands-on experiences are only a few of the many things offered by the Internship for Civic Engagement. Applications are due March 9 for the internship, a joint summer program between UChicago Charter School Woodlawn and U-High.

The five-week program, made possible by the Lab/UCCS Partnership Grant, allows 10 students from each school to work together from June 22 to July 17 for 20 hours a week.

Teams of students, one from U-High and one from the charter school, will be placed in organizations to make a difference in the mid-South Side of Chicago. 

According to Carla Ellis, the Assistant Director of Schools, the program is looking for extremely devoted and dedicated students. 

“The students have to have a desire to work with people, and should take initiative whenever and wherever possible,” Dr. Ellis said. “They really have to give it their all to meet the missions and needs of the several organizations they are working with.”

Student interviews for the applicants will be held from March 12-18, followed by the decisions March 26. By the end of April, students will be matched with organizations based on interests.

According to Dr. Ellis, the program has worked with organizations such as the Community Builders, LUV Institute, Horizons, Pilot Light and Blue Gargoyle. 

Dr. Ellis also believes that by the end of the summer, the program enhances students’ skills and abilities to form connections with people and work in the community.

She said, “I just think engaging in our local community and learning about programs and things that are available to people is a really great opportunity for students to take up.”