Lab has real issues; voting can help us solve them

Illustration by Risa Cohen

As the Midway sees it…

During the school year, the Lab community experienced publicized instances of racist language in December and March, and throughout the year student leaders struggled to get more engagement on issues, but with transitioning to social distancing in the coronavirus pandemic, these problems have not gone away. 

Isolated at home, it is easy to lose voice, but to solve the widespread problems in the community and create a stronger school culture, students should cast their opinion and vote in the Student Council election May 1. 

It is important for students to vote to solve U-High’s problems and create changes beyond better homecoming dances and events. 

Students should select candidates who prioritize combating racism in their agenda. Racism is a large scale problem at Lab that will not resolve on its own, and no matter what school looks like in the fall, developing a school culture that steers away from racism and advocates for diversity is crucial and should occur even now. 

Solutions from candidates may include holding forums or establishing consequences in the event of future occurrences of racist language, but students must indicate their demands for Student Council to take action by voting for the candidates who reflect the demands in their policies. 

With remote learning and social distancing, students lose contact with friends and teachers, but students do not have to deal with their problems alone.

It is important for students to take initiative in finding help.

Whether it is the overwhelming workload or complications at home, students should vote for candidates who will help them and make sure their ideas are represented among the Student Council policies. 

It is easy to view Student Council as unproductive, but students must hold their leaders accountable to implement change and stay on task. 

It starts with voting. 

The coronavirus pandemic is indisputably a radical change to our learning environment. Some things are working and some are not. More than ever, students must express interest and demand for change by placing their votes with the candidates they think will bring it. 

Even separated by a stay-at-home order, Student Council can still be the voice of the student body. 

Your opinions should be more than a silent complaint. Reignite Lab’s fierce sense of spirit and work with your peers and student council leaders to solve Lab’s problems 

Voice your opinion and help Student Council help you by voting in the Student Council election.